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6916-6930 Lyons Ave, Houston, TX – Retail

Property type: Commercial


We are pleased to offer the opportunity to purchase the below property’s contract from us, that we will either double-close or assign to you, the proposed buyer
10k sqft Retail Opportunity in Dynamic Area of Houston, Texas ESTIMATED ARV(After Repair Value) $1.4m on 6.50% cap! ?? ONLY NEED $50k TOTAL AT CLOSING! ??
In this “Sanmore Package deal” we include:
– Purchase price: $790k?
-Est. Loan rehab reserves of at least $200K
-Add $600K to your NET WORTH!

Please contact us for details on financing qualifications.

Very busy street sees over 1000 cars daily.
Proforma Est. $13sqft/yr Modified Gross Leases
Immediate approximation to I-10 E.
Plenty of Parking space with private parking lot Excellent opportunity for qualified buyers!

Any agreement to the terms of this offering will be evidenced by a contract assignment or double-closing. The above price includes an already agreed upon purchase price plus a fee to assign equitable interest. Disclaimer: Sanmore Investments and/or its partners is providing you, as a voluntary and exclusive member, access to this off market property and we have full intention on closing on this property per our contractual obligations, to include assigning equitable interest if applicable. THIS IS BEING SENT TO YOU FOR MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY. Any properties seen on this email or emails like it are currently under contract with the owners of record with the full intention to close and fund. Any mention of “sale,” or the like, refers solely to assigning equitable interest of a contract and there is no claim or intention to sell property or act as an agent in any capacity. This is intended for investment only and in no way is an advertisement or marketing for homestead loans, in other words by proceeding to purchase you are agreeing not to live in this property. Any attempts to forward this email, directly contact the seller, listing agent, make alternate offers, or impede the process in any way will result in your name being reported and promptly banned from this and any other subsequent lists. If you no longer wish to receive this email or emails like it, please unsubscribe by clicking on the unsubscribe button below. Copyright © 2021. Sanmore Investments, LLC, All rights reserved.