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3727 Winnie St Galveston TX 77550 Houston

Property type: Rehab Off-Market

The space

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We are pleased to offer the opportunity to purchase the below property’s contract from us, that we will either double-close or assign to you, the proposed buyer

Remarkable Opportunity!
8 Units in Galveston,TX
Next to beautifully renovated Properties.
Proven Area!

ūüí≤¬†ONLY NEED $25k¬†TOTAL AT CLOSING!¬†ūüí≤

In this “Sanmore Package deal”¬†we include:

-Purchase price: $420k‚úĒ
-Est. Rehab reserves of $80K
-Education to make you successful
РEst. $240K increase in net worth!
($740K est. ARV)

HOW CAN WE OFFER THIS? A hard money loan is a asset-based loan which
focuses on the future as-repaired value (ARV)  structure the deal. We loan up
to 70% of the ARV, which can include up to 100% of the purchase price, and up
to 100% of the rehab budget. 0% down! Qualifying Investors will only bring
closing costs to the closing, which is generally 4% – 6% of loan amount. To
qualify for this loan you MUST show at least $75K in your or your partner’s
accounts (not to use, just to show as liquid cash) and have at least a 650 credit

Address: 3727 Winnie St, Gavelston TX 77551

  • This area is experiencing major redevelopments
  • Recent sold comps around $105k a unit
  • 2 duplexes and 4 single family homes in one lot
  • Low operating costs (Separate Electrical & Water Meters)
  • Local rents Support $900+ for the duplexes $1000+ for the houses
  • Excellent opportunity for¬†qualified buyers!
Please send me an email william@sanmore.com for more information.

CALL 713-530-9793 for more information or reply to this email!


Р$5,000 flat fee offered to brokers and realtors
-To qualify for hard money loan, investors need to prove at least 15% of loan
amount in their account (reserves) and at least a 650 credit score.
-$10k hard deposit needed to buy (not included in $25K cash-to-close estimation)
-$80K rehab reserves is estimation at $740K ARV appraisal (75% max LTV)

Any agreement to the terms of this offering will be evidenced by a contract assignment or double-closing. The above price includes an already agreed upon purchase price plus a fee to assign equitable interest.

Disclaimer: Sanmore Investments and/or its partners is¬†providing you, as a voluntary and exclusive¬†member, access to this off market property and we have full intention on closing on this property per our¬†contractual¬†obligations, to include assigning equitable interest if applicable.¬† THIS IS BEING SENT TO YOU FOR MARKETING PURPOSES ONLY. Any¬†properties seen on this email or emails like it¬†are currently under contract with the owners of record with the full intention to close and fund. Any mention of “sale,” or the like, refers¬†solely¬†to assigning equitable interest of a¬†contract and¬†there is no claim or intention to sell property or act as an agent in any capacity.¬† This is intended¬†for investment only and in no way is an advertisement or marketing for homestead loans, in other words by proceeding to purchase you are agreeing not to live in this property.¬† Any attempts to forward this email, directly contact the seller, listing agent, make alternate offers, or¬†impede¬†the process in any way will¬†result in your name being reported and promptly banned from this and any other subsequent lists.¬† If you no longer wish to receive this email or emails like it, please¬†unsubscribe¬†by clicking on the¬†unsubscribe¬†button below.

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