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We are commercial property owners, operators and developers, plus we have a brokerage providing a new way to buy commercial property!

We are always buying and selling, but we have owned close to 1500 units, all ourselves, no crowdfunding.

This is because we package deals! The closing cost is all you bring to the closing table, no down payment!

Instead of us just giving you a certain price, we went ahead and took care of the hard part, the financing! These properties advertised all are fully inclusive of the property, the purchase funds, the rehab funds needed plus the education to make you successful!

It’s a type of asset-based loan where although the interest rate is higher, the loan can cover up to 100% of the cost of purchase and rehab costs. You only bring the closing costs of the loan as your “skin in the game”.

We offer all conventional, bridge and agency type loans, which gives you better access to a wide range of financial products! We are in it for the relationship, and so if you work with us, we will devise a path for you to take your new asset!

We do! we just can’t buy them all and we concentrate on bringing GOOD deals to market, so we have plenty to go around!