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As a professional Real Estate Investment business we help investors and businesses across Houston bring their ideas to life. Since 2013, we’ve taken on a variety of small and large-scale projects. No matter what the scope, we always stay engaged in all aspects of the development process from conception to implementation. Take a look at some of our recent projects and get in touch for more information.


Sanmore Investments, LLC rehabbed this apartment complex in Houston. We were very strict about the materials and footprint of our work. We were interested in an economically and environmentally sustainable outcome. The project was completed earlier than the anticipated completion date and under budget.

2802 Westside Dr. Pasadena, TX 7750. 240 units, 35,808 Built Square Ft

3318 N Macgregor Way, Houston, TX 77004. 24 units, 800 Built Square Ft

13718 Force St., Houston, TX 77015. 32 units.

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3801 Anita St, Houston, TX. 77004

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3709 Anita St, Houston, TX. 77004

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214 Welch St Houston, TX 77006

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101 S Allen-Genoa Rd, South Houston, TX 77587

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2514 Gano St Houston, TX 77009

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141447 & 14149 Force St, Houston, TX 77015. 8 units, 4,448 Built Square Ft

14132 & 14142 Bonham St, Houston, TX 77015. 15 units, 10,884 Built Square Ft

1704 Sam Wilson St, Houston, TX 77020. 7 units, 4,805 Built Square Ft

7707 Glover St, Houston, TX 77012. 11 units, 7,136 Built Square Ft

4038 Linder St. Houston, TX 77026. 4 units, 2,576 Build Square Ft

5715 Eskridge St Houston, TX 77023. 6 units, 5,100 Built Square Ft