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Lending For All Of Your Commercial Needs

Hard Money Commercial

Sanmore can provide up to 100% financing NO DOWN PAYMENT of a value add or rehabable property. We can lend up to 100% of the purchase and 100% of the cost of repairs as long as it doesn’t surpass 75% of the appraised ARV (After Repaired Value). All you bring is closing costs! This loan is priced at 1% interest per month (12% per year) with interest-only payments due per month, for up to one year. Closing costs estimated around 5% of the loan amount.

Conventional Commercial

Let Sanmore take you out of your hard money loan! Great for refinance cashouts or buy-and-hold strategies. Start your long-term relationship with a bank. Up to 80% LTV, cashouts available, WSJ prime rates. 1-2 points at closing. Up to 20-year amortization available. Any loan amount.

Agency (Fannie/Freddie)

Have a multifamily loan greater than $1 million? Get the very best long-term financing and cash flow to the maximum! Up to 30-year amortization, longer-term interest-only periods, non-recourse financing available. Fully assumable by the next buyer! 5, 7 or 10-year terms available. Up to 80% LTV, cashouts available as well.

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