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Matching Active Investors and Profitable Properties

Founded on the principles of the Sanchez-Moreno family (hence the name San-More), the Sanmore team has strived for excellence in service and knowledge.

Sanmore Investments is not your typical brokerage or investment firm. We don’t just broker properties, we invest in them as well!

Through his 10+ years of CRE experience, Founder and Principal Boris Sanchez believes “we can evolve the industry by providing clients and investors the next level of brokerage service.” That is, practicing what we preach: We are able to bring you the very best and latest in commercial real estate financial products and knowledge because we invest ourselves!

Through the end of 2019, Sanmore has owned over 600 units of multifamily, or about $40 million worth of property. The SI team has also brokered another $100 million in property equity to other investors as well. This includes budding investors!

“We can simplify and educate on the entire CRE investment experience by providing our client with the entire package: The property, the loans to go with it, and the knowledge to achieve positive cash flow” Mr. Sanchez states.

Sanmore Investments is proud to provide our clients with all knowledge needed because we are “in the trenches” as well. From referrals of management, to classroom-style education on commercial contracts. From builder-contractor referrals to banker affiliates, the Sanmore team is here with you to help you in your investment journey. Welcome.